The Uptown Difference



Regulatory Compliance

At The Uptown Law Firm, our staff stays current on all UPL requirements in order to ensure you and your transactions remain compliant. We are constantly reviewing statutes to confirm that our processes meet state and federal regulations. When changes to UPL state laws are made, we also inform you proactively. We subscribe to multiple outlets that provide real-time updates to make certain that no regulatory change, update, or clarification is missed. We understand that the real estate closing landscape changes rapidly, and you can count on us to keep you informed.

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SLA Requirements

Our workflows and processes are lean and efficient, ensuring we always deliver quality products within tight turn times. Our staff’s expertise, along with our constant review and enhancement of our robust vendor panels, helps us offer unsurpassed excellence and meet all of your real estate needs within UPL states. We have streamlined our processes to ensure that we can deliver our top-notch products as quickly as possible. We have a vast network of attorneys and abstractors across the states we service, and we employ staff to cover all time zones so that we are available whenever you need us.

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Turn Time

Because we understand the importance of delivering quality products and services within tight turnaround times, we have created our procedures and processes with this in mind. Our robust and talented team of vendor managers diligently track vendor turn times and performance. We have developed state-of-the-art automated reporting and scorecards to determine vendor ranking. This, along with a constant feedback loop with our vendors, ensures that your orders are completed timely and accurately. Our in-house staff proactively provide real-time status of orders, guaranteeing diligent tracking and timely follow up.

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In the real estate industry, quality and compliance are of the utmost importance. Our firm will work with you to ensure that your transactions remain compliant. We perform quality checks at multiple critical stages of every process and product we complete and deliver. These quality control processes ensure that our reports are accurate, attorney closings occur without issue, and real estate transactions are disbursed timely and accurately. Our experienced paralegal staff perform reviews of transactions both pre-closing and post-closing, and our quality checks are always completed with UPL state and regulatory requirements in mind. Because of this, our clients can rest assured that their transactions meet these stringent guidelines; The Uptown Law Firm strives to be your partner in quality.

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The Uptown Law Firm employs staff and vendors who are highly experienced in the industry and knowledgeable in all aspects of UPL state transactions. We also have the unique advantage of working with and closing transactions for some of the largest lenders in the United States. When coupled with our strong commitment to quality and compliance, we ensure that we remain versatile and are able to adapt to your specific requirements while still operating within regulatory guidelines. We are keenly familiar with scaling as appropriate to meet your volume requirements. The Uptown Law Firm is ready to work with you on an end-to-end basis or deliver ad hoc products and services. Let us show you The Uptown Difference.

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Technology & Reports

Our proprietary CRM is extremely robust, complete with dynamic workflows built to meet the specific and stringent requirements of UPL states. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to automate processes, which in turn provides efficiencies across the board while improving quality. Because the CRM is custom-built, it is capable of suiting our business model, utilize technology to create checkpoints based on UPL guidelines, as well as state-specific and federal requirements. Our automated reports help our staff, attorneys, abstractors, and clients to see the current status of files at any given time. It also provides automated follow-up on critical items based on the current process point and additionally serves as a reminder on daily routine/process flows.

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